Educational Trip to Dubai

November 27, 2019

Educational Trip to Dubai

An educational tour to Dubai was organized by School of Retail Management from 17th October to 21st October. A group of 25 students along with 2 faculty accompanied the tour.

Objectives of the visit:

Students will have an exposure to  Retail Industries.

They will be exposed to the international retailing standards and environment that will enhance their knowledge about retailing.

The students will see the various innovations and technological advancement in retailing.

Since Dubai is a tourist attraction, the students will also have a first-hand exposure to the add-on services and exclusive entertainment offered in the Retail malls.

The students will learn about different cultures and also social practices prevailing in UAE.

The students will be able to evaluate and better understand their own interest in Retail field.

Dubai has multi-racial work force and the students will be able to observe and see the retail challenges faced by such a workforce.

The students will learn about the international standards of store layout, displays, signage, visual merchandising, customer service, product range, brand availability, billing information, promotions, discounts and offers during their visit to the retail outlets and malls in Dubai.

There will be spot learning with topics for observation and study related to our curriculum.